NanoStudio 1.33

Turn your Mac into a music studio


  • Easy to create impressive compositions
  • Import compositions from iPhone
  • Lots of tutorials
  • Slick design


  • No full screen mode
  • Not suitable for professional needs

Very good

NanoStudio turns your Mac into a music studio enabling you to make electronic music with minimum effort including synthesizer, samples, effects and sequencer.

NanoStudio already exists on iOS but now Mac users can import and continue editing their creations into OS X. NanoStudio helps you create your own unique melodies and combine them together by adding effects like reverb, delay and feedback.

NanoStudio also features an extensive tutorial section to help you get up and running with how to compose the structure and melody of tracks. Although NanoStudio isn't a fully fledged professional music studio, it's ideal for outlining the basic gist of a melody or capturing an idea without too much fuss. However, it's particularly useful for fleshing out tracks imported from NanoStudio for iOS.

If you need a simple but slick and effective way of creating songs, NanoStudio is a good starting point for amateur musicians.



NanoStudio 1.33

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